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Hi Meet my Beautiful late daughter, Phoebe in her Buggy & welcome to her legacy Trolley Buggy

Trolley Buggy Connectors are easy to use.light.durable.designed in the United Kingdom.

trolley buggy logo
Logo Designed by Melissa J Harris

This product is dedicated to the Memory of Phoebe Harris–Amo & founded by Mrs Wendy Harris–Amo.

Trolley Buggy Connectors have been inspired by Phoebe and this is her legacy. This product will give parents a unique and safe way of shopping.

The Connectors are a lightweight durable universal connecting device, which allow you to attach your Pram/Buggy to a shopping trolley and allow you to push as one.

The Connectors are compatible with the majority of designs of prams/buggies.

As part of Pheobe’s legacy we will be making donations from the sale of this product to two charities. See back for more details.