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Trolly Buggy Launch Ceremony

Trolly Buggy Launch Ceremony

Our Story


This my story of why I came up with our product Trolley Buggy Connectors.

I had a beautiful daughter, (Phoebe who had Down syndrome. As her disability meant it was harder for me to go shopping. I found it difficult when she was baby to place her into the Supermarket Shopping Trolley seat.

When she had grown out the seat I still could not seat her in the trolley that is designed for toddlers, as she still could not sit up properly, (If I had just put her in she would not have been safe). As this was just starting becoming to a problem for me. She sadly passed away at 13 months.

I then went on to have another beautiful daughter who was big and tall for her age. As a baby she soon had out grown the Babies Trolley seat. As she still could not sit up properly to put her in the toddler seat. This meant I had the same problem again.

As all babies and toddlers are not the same size and all develop at different times. I know you can shop online, now with covid around using Trolly Buggy Connectors will make it a safer way of shopping with your child when instore.


I then started thinking of a way, you can use a Pram / Buggy with a supermarket Trolley to work Together; it was then I had come up with a product which will do just that, called Trolley Buggy Connectors; which I am working with my sister Lorna.

You can find out Facebook page Here.

Trolley Buggy Connectors means you can now push a Trolley with your own Pram / Buggy connected onto it to work as one. This will help make live easy, for Parents / Grandparents with babies and toddlers. This product, means you now would not need to go back to your car, just to put away your pram buggy, to go around a supermarket.
Trolley Buggy Connector is New way of going shopping, thanks to my late, beautiful daughter Phoebe.

This new product will allow proceeds to be donated to the two charities. The charities selected are Downs-Syndrome registered charity number 1061474 which will receive some of our proceeds.

Thanks for reading my story.